Axial fans

Axial fans

High volume flows for ventilation, deaeration and drying


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Axial fans: Ventilation, deaeration & drying

Axial fans: The invisible heroes in our buildings and plants.

Whether in industry, offices, warehouses or garages: axial fans ensure clean air and a pleasant indoor climate.

Have you ever thought about where the air in our buildings comes from and how it is cleaned and distributed? This is where axial fans come into play – the invisible heroes of our ventilation systems.

But they are also used in industrial halls and industrial processes. Industrial fans are very versatile and contribute to general ventilation in commercial spaces, industrial halls, warehouses, garages and non-profit facilities.

They are as important as a well-functioning cardiovascular system for our bodies. The fans extract stale air and supply fresh air to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Thanks to their powerful and energy-efficient technology, axial fans are not only beneficial for our health, but also for our environment. Like invisible heroes, they provide fresh air and contribute to a pleasant indoor climate – all without us noticing.


Our wall fans of the AFW series are mainly used for general ventilation and exhaust of industrial halls …

pst max =    590 Pa

Qmax = 25 700 m3/h

Pmax =   4 000 W


AFC axial fans are suitable for aeration and deaeration in a wide variety of systems. Due to the compact and solid construction, these axial fans can be used almost anywhere.

pst max =     590 Pa

max = 64 000 m3/h

max =  11 890 W


The fans of the AFC-HT series are suitable for use in ventilation systems where it is necessary to transport air at a high temperature. 

pst max =    590 Pa

Qmax = 64 000 m3/h

Pmax = 12 500 W


This fan is designed for conveying air with high temperature and high humidity. It is ideally suited for drying systems.

pst max =    250 Pa

Qmax = 26 600 m3/h

Pmax =   3 000 W


The electric motor, which is housed in a special chamber, is completely isolated from the transported air flow. This design allows the air to be transported at a temperature of up to 200°C.

pst max =    475 Pa

Qmax = 23 000 m3/h

Pmax =   4 000 W


AFC-VB fans are used in ventilation systems where the fan is connected to air ducts at the inlet and outlet and the motor must be disconnected from the air flow due to increased temperature or dust in the transported air.

pst max =    590 Pa

Qmax = 64 000 m3/h

Pmax = 12 500 W


Reversible ARC fans are used in ventilation systems where the fan is connected to the ducts from the inlet and outlet side.

pst max =    620 Pa

Qmax = 64 000 m3/h

Pmax = 12 500 W


Range of axial fans with cylindrical casing equipped with aluminium or plastic impellers and manufactured from high quality galvanised sheet steel.

pst max =    380 Pa

Qmax = 42 490 m3/h

Pmax =   7 688 W


Range of axial fans with cylindrical casing equipped with aluminium impellers, made of high quality galvanised sheet steel and protected against corrosion by catalysis primer and black polyester paint.

pst max =    380 Pa

Qmax = 43 000 m3/h

Pmax =   7 700 W


Range of flat plate-mounted axial fans equipped with plastic or aluminium impellers (250 to 630) or aluminium hub and plastic blades (710 to 1000).

pst max =    580 Pa

Qmax = 53 700 m3/h

Pmax =    9 225 W


For transporting large volumes of air at low pressure with minimum noise level. Recommended especially for use in agriculture and horticulture (farms, drying plants, greenhouses).

pst max =    100 Pa

Qmax = 44 500 m3/h

Pmax =   1 500 W


Range of plate mounted axial fans in high quality galvanised steel fitted with a crescent impeller.

pst max =    220 Pa

Qmax = 24 380 m3/h

Pmax =   1 910 W


Plate-mounted axial fans with impeller in plastic and dynamically balanced, low noise level, protected against corrosion by black polyester paint. Standard airflow (A): motor over impeller.

pst max =   125 Pa

Qmax =  6 440 m3/h

Pmax =     375 W


Plate-mounted axial fans can be mounted in any position and are used for ventilation with low pollution. Ideal for garages, cellars, warehouses.

pst max =     69 Pa

Qmax =  3 670 m3/h

Pmax =     151 W


Fire gas axial fan for installation in a pipeline. The fan complies with the EN12101-3:2015 standard and has a temperature resistance of 400°C / 2 h in the standard version.

Qmax =  145 000 m3/h

Pmax =   45 000 W

Efficient solutions for your industrial applications

Maximum performance and optimum cooling – axial fans have become an indispensable part of many industrial machines and systems. They ensure efficient cooling of motors, electronic components and other heat-sensitive components. HTK-Vent is committed to providing you with high-quality axial fans that meet your requirements in terms of performance and efficiency.

How do axial fans work?

Unlike conventional fans where the airflow is perpendicular to the drive axis, axial fans move air along the drive axis. This unique design allows for continuous airflow and high efficiency. Through the use of specially designed rotor blades, axial fans generate a strong airflow that ensures optimal cooling.

Application area of axial fans

Our axial fans are used in a wide range of industrial applications:

  1. Industrial cooling systems: Axial fans are used in cooling systems to optimize heat dissipation and prevent machinery and equipment from overheating. Whether in metal processing, food processing or petrochemical industries, axial fans provide an effective solution for cooling large production facilities.
  2. Ventilation systems: In environments where high air circulation is required, axial fans are indispensable. They provide continuous airflow and help improve air quality. Whether in warehouses, shopping malls or industrial plants, axial fans ensure a pleasant and healthy working environment.
  3. Air conditioning: axial fans play a crucial role in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They ensure uniform distribution of cooled or heated air, contributing to a pleasant indoor climate. Whether in office buildings, hotels or shopping centers – axial fans ensure the desired comfort.

Buy axial fan

In our store, you can find wall fans, axial fans for conveying air with high temperature and humidity, reversible fans, cylindrical housing axial fans, flat axial fans, axial fans for conveying large volumes of air at low pressure with minimum noise level, plate mounted axial fans and many more.

Our axial fans offer impressive airflow performance and generate strong airflow. As a result, they ensure efficient cooling and ventilation of your industrial applications. Special quality features of HtK-Vent axial blowers include:

  • Energy efficiency: we rely on innovative technologies to optimize the energy consumption of our axial blowers. Thanks to their high efficiency, they help reduce your operating costs while protecting the environment.
  • Reliability and durability: Our axial fans are made of high-quality materials and are subject to strict quality controls. They are designed to operate reliably even under demanding conditions and ensure a long service life.
  • Adaptability: We offer a wide range of axial fans that can be adapted to different requirements and applications. From different sizes and power levels to specific mounting options, we have the right solution for your individual needs.

Contact us today and let our experts advise you. Together we will find the optimal axial fan solution for your industrial requirements. Benefit from our many years of experience and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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What is the difference between axial and centrifugal fans?

Axial fans and centrifugal fans both belong to the category of fans, but they are used in different applications and have different modes of operation.

Axial fans:

Mode of operation: Axial fans create airflow by moving air parallel to the axis of the fan. This means that the air flows in the same direction on both the inlet and outlet sides of the fan.

Application: This type of fan is ideal for applications that require a large airflow with a relatively low pressure differential. Examples include room ventilation, electronic equipment cooling, or air circulation in air conditioning systems.

Characteristics: Axial fans are typically low-profile and space-saving. They are particularly efficient in environments with low pressure requirements.

Centrifugal fans:

How it works: Centrifugal fans create airflow by moving air radially outward from the center of the fan. The air flows perpendicular to the axis of the fan.

Application: Centrifugal fans are often used in applications where a high pressure differential is required to move air over long distances or through narrow ducts. Examples include industrial processes, ventilation systems in large buildings, and cooling systems for engines.

Characteristics: Centrifugal fans typically have a variable-speed impeller and are capable of building up higher pressure, making them more suitable for applications with larger resistances or air ducts.

In summary, axial fans are suitable for high air flow rates at low pressure differentials, while centrifugal fans are used for applications with higher pressure requirements and longer air ducting to move air efficiently.

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