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Axial fan-TCBBX2/TCBTX2

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Axial fan-TCBBX2/TCBTX2


General ventilation of domestic and industrial spaces. Designed for the ventilation of: Wholesalers, warehouses, workshops, production halls, car parks, business premises, greenhouses, breeding rooms.

They are used in air conditioning systems. The fans can operate at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C


Axial fans with increased pressure, suitable for duct mounting in any position. Profile rotors, aluminium, dynamically balanced.

The casing is made of high-quality sheet steel, cataphoretically protected and finished with polyester paint.

Electric motor

Two asynchronous motors, three-phase 400 V 50 Hz or single-phase 230 V 50 Hz, connected to one junction box. Protection class IP65. Insulation class F. Motors have thermal insulation protection against overload.

Single-phase models are suitable for voltage speed control. Three-phase models are adapted to frequency control.

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