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Air Knife Systems

… also called air knife, air blade or air curtain


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Efficient drying, cleaning, blowing off,
heating & cooling!

In contrast to the competition, where mostly piston compressors and jet nozzles are used, we work exclusively with compact, high-speed turbo fans, which generate a constant, laminar air flow or air curtain in a particularly efficient manner (efficiency >70%) in conjunction with specially designed nozzles.

The result is outstanding and has clear cost advantages compared to other technologies.

Our range of services:

Your advantages

Example comparison of operating costs

Documented cost savings

Cost savings

Reference project 1

Cooling of aluminium profiles

Reference project 2

Infusion bag drying

Reference project 3

Drying of complex machine frames before painting

Reference project 4

Plastic rings

Reference project 5

Bottle cap drying

Reference project 6


Reference project 7

Blowing off oil after the oil bath

Reference project 8

Extraction of metal chips from pinions

Reference project 9

Dust release during surface coating

Reference project 10

Screw cooling

Reference project 11

Cooling during lead casting of plate sets for car batteries

Your advantages:

  • 90% lower energy costs compared to compressed air
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Payback period usually less than 1 year
  • Increased system flexibility (on-site solution) and thus practically no line losses
  • Customised solution through CAD and 3D printing
  • Reduced lead times through automation/process optimisation
  • Less sensitivity to changing operating conditions

Example comparison of operating costs:

 ALT: Compressor compressed airNEW: Turbo fan
System pressure6,5 bar0,3 bar
Volume flow1.500m³/h1.500m³/h
Drive power232kW Compressor14kW Turbo fan
Energy costsEUR 4.176/WeekEUR 253/Week

Documented cost savings:

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