Fire gas & smoke extraction

Fire gas & smoke extraction

Ventilating buildings, garages and tunnels


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Ventilation, extraction and extraction in buildings, garages, tunnels and other structures

Here you can see a selection of our smoke extract fans. The fire gas fans are certified in accordance with EN 12101-3 (category F120/400) and are therefore resistant to 400°C for at least 120 minutes.


High-thrust impulse fans for garage ventilation and smoke extraction. These fans are designed for fluid temperatures of 40°C in continuous ventilation mode and 300°C or 400°C for 120 minutes in smoke extraction mode.


Qmax = 12 400 m3/h

Pmax =   3 100 W


Ventilation of warehouses and industrial halls or agricultural buildings. Due to their high temperature resistance, they are particularly recommended for extracting grates, bonnets in the meat industry and gastronomy.

pst max =  1 800 Pa

max = 37 000 m3/h

max =  15 000 W


Range of centrifugal fans in the roof outlet with vertical venting, for smoke extraction under combustion conditions and certified F400 120 marking.

pst max =  1 700 Pa

Qmax = 44 500 m3/h

Pmax =  26 000 W


Range of centrifugal roof fans in horizontal discharge format, designed for smoke extraction under fire conditions and certified to F400 120 (CE marking).

pst max =  1 100 Pa

max = 38 000 m3/h

max =   7 500 W


A fan for extracting hot smoke produced by a fire. The fans meet the requirements of EN 12101-3 and have a temperature resistance of 400C / 2h.

pst max =  1 225 Pa

Qmax = 19 570 m3/h

Pmax =   5 500 W


CVST is designed for the ventilation of large areas such as industry, shops, restaurants and commercial kitchens. All models are designed for continuous operation at temperatures up to 80°C.

pst max =  1 700 Pa

max = 45 000 m3/h

max = 22 000 W


Fire gas axial fan for installation in a pipeline. The fan complies with the EN12101-3:2015 standard and has a temperature resistance of 400°C / 2 h in the standard version.

Qmax = 145 000 m3/h

Pmax =   45 000 W

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