Special fans

Special fans

Customised fabrications for the project business


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Customised made-to-measure products for the project business

On this page you can see a selection of various special fans. If you would like more information about these products or need a customised fan, please contact us. We will provide you with the necessary information as soon as possible.

Induced Draft Fan

Powerful induced draft fans for industrial applications such as power plants, waste incinerators, etc.

Application-related material selection: Steel, stainless steel, etc.

Maximum medium temperature: 800°C

pst max =  60 000 Pa

Qmax =    800 000 m3/h

Pmax =    5 MW

Turbo Compressor

Centrifugal turbo compressors for industrial applications, hermetically sealed (gas-tight) designs possible.

Application related material selection: Steel, stainless steel, alloy, titanium, rubber, etc.

Maximum medium temperature: 950°C

pst max =  60 000 Pa

Qmax =    800 000 m3/h

Pmax =    5  MW


The portable ZWP extraction units are widely used in the extraction systems for contaminated air.

pst max =  2 315 Pa

Qmax =    2 900 m3/h

Pmax =    2 200 W


GMT-MOBILE fans have many applications in systems for extracting polluted air. Typical applications: local exhaust, dryers, drying systems, ventilation of halls, warehouses, machine cooling systems, car exhaust extraction.

pst max =  2 400 Pa

Qmax =    3 410 m3/h

Pmax =    3 000 W


Mobile axial fan with combustion engine.


Qmax = 19 000 m3/h



High pressure centrifugal fans driven by a combustion engine. The fans are designed to transport non-aggressive and non-explosive gases.

pst max = 10 000 Pa

Qmax =     3 600 m3/h

Pmax =   87 000 W

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