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HTK-Vent: Your specialist for ventilation solutions

We develop and supply high-quality fans and blowers for industrial machines and plants.

Whether for your processes or in the development of holistic solutions: Benefit from our comprehensive expertise. Even for individual and complex challenges – here you are right.

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When it comes to air or flow-related questions in the field of industrial machine and plant engineering, we at HTK-Vent are the right contact. We implement individual flow machines or plan complete plant systems according to customer specifications.

Years of experience, innovative thinking and a constant focus on technological advancement enable us to be your advisor and partner.

When developing customized solutions, we always keep an eye on the efficiency of the machine, the environmental compatibility of the plant and, last but not least, the payback period of your investment. Our highly trained engineers rely on a specially developed software solution and verify the calculations by flow simulations and strength calculations.

The HTK-Vent team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Carrying out economic efficiency calculations
We would like to advise you in your decision-making process.
As a rule, the financial issues are a . . .
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Calculation of pressure and heat losses
We guide you through your project and support
You already in the run-up to a new acquisition . . .
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Technical pre-design and operating point calculation of systems and rooms
Accurate fluid mechanical predesign is important to ensure that the new or existing fluid mechanical system is . . .
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Pre-design in dust and gas explosion protection zones (ATEX)
We carry pre-designs of fans for operation in dust and gas explosion protection zones. (ATEX, explosion-proof) . . .
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Flow simulations including heat transfer (CFD)
Fluids (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD) are very complex in their behaviour and states . . .
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Strength calculations and deformation analyses (FEM)
Customer projects often require newly designed components drawn in 3D and output in 2D for factory drawings . . .
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The product range:

Our range of classic centrifugal and axial fans is complemented by special designs characterized by absolute chemical resistance or explosion safety (ATEX fans).

While these are designed for specific applications as roof or process fans or as conveying fans, side channel blowers represent a further specialization. The main difference to fans here lies in the higher differential pressures.

Material executions:

The products from our assortment are made of the following materials,
among others:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Grey cast iron

The characteristics of the fans are adapted to the specific application:

  • Straight, backward curved or forward curved blades
  • Direct drive, belt drive or with coupling
  • Insulation or temperature discs for hot gas conveying
  • Special sealings
  • Flameproof or gas-tight (ATEX)
  • Special impellers and rubberized housings
  • Free runners or plug fans

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