About Us

About Us

HTK-Vent is your specialized partner for air and fluidic solutions.


HTK-Vent GmbH
Inkustraße 1-7/Stiege 8/2.OG
A-3400 Klosterneuburg

HTK-Vent saw the light of day in 1987.

That is already more than 30 years of experience.

Since then, HTK-Vent has kept its finger on the pulse of ventilation technology. Founded by experienced engineers from the ventilation and mechanical engineering industry, we set out to gain a foothold in the market not only as a reliable and competent partner. The engineer’s heart wants what it wants and this is a constant optimization of quality and functionality.

Company philosophy

So one of the unwritten company philosophies is that the latest developments in this technology sector are part of the little 1×1.

Scientific progress and innovation = technological progress. And we are aware that this technological progress is one of the most important basic building blocks to meet the needs of our customers.


After successfully handling the massively growing markets of Eastern Europe in particular to a greater extent in the first years of the current millennium, Austria received an branch of HTK-Vent (AT) in 2015. The focus of the company is on engineering services in connection with the use and sales of industrial fans and side channel blowers.

Here we are at your side with our entire engineering expertise:

comprehensive know-how, strong quality assurance, solution-oriented handling, innovative approaches – all based on the latest technological (further) developments. 


That’s us – experienced, competent engineers with a developer’s heart.

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