Special fan GMT Mobile


GMT-MOBILE fans have many applications in extraction systems for polluted air. Typical applications:

  • Local extraction , dehumidifiers, drying systems,
    ventilation of halls, warehouses, sewage chambers,
    machine cooling systems,
    car exhaust extraction systems.


  • Radial medium pressure fan with direct drive in mobile version
  • Adjustable handle with 3-position lock
  • Large wheels with a diameter of 200 mm
    inlet and outlet protection,
    connections with the same standardised diameter
  • Allowing the same accessories to be connected to the inlet and outlet
  • Fan painted blue RAL 5010 and carriage painted black RAL 9005
  • Maximum temperature of the pumped medium 80 0 C
  • Ambient temperature of the motor -20 0 C to +40 0 C

Electric motor

  • Asynchronous, single-phase, 230 V, 50 Hz (up to 1.1 kW),
  • Asynchronous, three-phase, 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz ( up to 3 kW),
  • Efficiency class IE3,
  • Protection class IP55,
  • Insulation class F.

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