WS mobile industrial vacuum cleaner


Vacuum workplace extractor of the type

WS is applicable

for extracting dust, gases and solid particles from metal and woodworking machines and plastics , sandblasting equipment, concrete grinders, etc.
as an industrial hoover, a device for collecting granulate.


1. side channel fan with a special pair of steel silencers. The exhaust silencer is additionally equipped with a non-return valve that protects the unit against the air flow in the opposite direction (accidental) phase change in the electric motor) and against the ingress of impurities from the outlet side into the fan. Type SC side channel fans are used in the WS vacuum workstation extractors. 2.

2. one set of bag filters ( dimensions Ø100x600mm) The filter cloth is covered with a layer of Teflon and ensures separation of particles over 5 microns. The bags are stretched e on the galvanised steel grid structure. The bonnet has the function of self-cleaning filters by means of reversed air flow direction through the filters.

3. a container for coarse waste and dirt that falls from the filter cloth after using the self-cleaning function of the filters. The container can be easily detached from the overall structure by loosening three hooks.

4. a transport trolley equipped with a handle for carrying equipment by means of a crane or overhead crane and wheels with a diameter of 200 mm.

5. control board with start switch, thermal protection and a 16A socket equipped with a standard phase inverter (which can be used to switch the motor rotation if the socket is wired incorrectly). The WS40 version is additionally equipped with a Y / Δ-start switch.

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