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Roof fan-RFV-EC

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Roof fan-RFV-EC


RFV / EC roof exhaust fans are intended for the ventilation of rooms with low air pollution.

They are used in exhaust systems of flats, supermarkets, industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, toilets, garages, car parks and farm buildings.


The RFV / EC fans use rotors with backward inclined blades made of plastic. The fan is made of galvanised sheet steel.

Fans suitable for working in a vertical position are suitable for installation on flat roofs. After using suitable roof supports, they can be installed on sloping roofs.

Electric motor

Highly efficient motors with integrated EC technology that minimise operating costs thanks to lower power requirements (lower CO2 emissions). The fan motor is equipped with a 0-10VDC control input for smooth speed control.

Insulation class B, protection class IP44 (models 125 / L, 125 / M, 160 / L and 250 / L), insulation class F, protection class IP54 (models 125 / H, 160 / H, 200, 250 / H. 315, 315T, 355 – 500). Power supply – single-phase 230V, 50Hz or three-phase 400V, depending on the model.

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