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Fire gas & smoke extraction-CVST

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Fire gas & smoke extraction-CVST


The CVST fan series is used to extract hot smoke produced by a fire. Temperature resistance 400 ° C / 2h (certified according to EN 12101-03).
They can also be used for continuous operation in ventilation systems up to + 80 ° C. Designed for ventilation of large facilities, including industrial facilities, incl. shops, restaurants, industrial kitchens, etc.


The fans with noise-absorbing housing type CVST are equipped with one-way suction fans with belt drive. The motor and the belt drive are located on the left side as seen from the inlet side. The outlet can be horizontal or vertical (the direction of the outlet must be specified when ordering.
The fan is normally mounted with a horizontal outlet). Impeller with forward curved blades. The internal fan is mounted on vibration dampers and connected to the enclosure via flexible connectors. The casing is made of galvanised sheet steel lined with melamine-based thermal-acoustic insulation.

Electric motor

Three-phase motors 230 / 400V, 50 Hz up to 3 kW or 400V, 50 Hz with higher power. Protection class IP 55, insulation class F.
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