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Fire gas & smoke extraction-CTHB/CTHT

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Fire gas & smoke extraction-CTHB/CTHT


The roof fans of the series CTH … can be used to extract hot smoke generated during a fire. Temperature resistance 400 ° C / 2h (certified in accordance with EN 12101-03). They can also be used for continuous operation in ventilation systems with temperatures up to + 120 ° C.

They perfectly fulfil their role in the exhaust ventilation of warehouses, shops and industrial halls. Service buildings in agriculture, etc. Due to their high temperature resistance, especially recommended as extractors from grates, from bonnets in the meat industry and in gastronomy. For extraction of water vapour and mist with grease contamination, especially recommended fans with vertical discharge.


Housing made of aluminium sheet, base made of galvanised sheet steel. Rotor in galvanised sheet metal (225-400) or painted sheet steel (225-400) 450-710), dynamically balanced.

On HP series models, the rotors are made of p ą double-coated sheet steel (cataphoretic paint + polyester). Acoustic models (INS) are additionally equipped with integrated silencers at the fan outlet. All models have a protective grille.

Electric motor

230V 50Hz single-phase and 400V 50Hz three-phase motors. All motors have IP55 protection, insulation class F and are equipped with maintenance-free ball bearings.

On models from 225 to 400 it is possible to regulate the speed by changing the voltage, on other models it can be regulated with a frequency converter. When regulating the speed, the electrical system must be equipped with safety devices that guarantee the operation of the fan at maximum speed during a fire.

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