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Chemically resistant fan-VASP

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Chemically resistant fan-VASP


Our fans of the VASP series are excellently suited for venting and exhausting aggressively charged air (acid fumes, base fumes, smoke, exhaust gases, dust). They are mainly used in fume cupboards and exhaust air systems in chemical plants and other industrial applications where chemical resistance and corrosion protection play an important role.


The construction corresponds to a direct-driven centrifugal fan which is designed for medium pressure (medium pressure centrifugal fan with direct drive). All components (housing, motor disc, air outlet and impeller) are made of polypropylene (PP) as standard, with the housing designed as a homogeneous block. The impeller consists of forward facing blades and is balanced according to ISO1940. All screw connections are made of special stainless steel pins. For additional tightness, a special seal is installed between the casing and the fan inlet or motor disc. This fan is supplied as standard on a frame of sheet steel (powder-coated) or optionally of stainless steel, or without a frame at all.

The motor mounting position corresponds to LG90 as standard. We will gladly accept your requests for 8 other motor mounting positions (LG and RD each 45°).

This design is suitable for pumping aggressive media up to a temperature of 40°C. We can supply extended temperature ranges on request. The ambient temperature of the motor should be between -15°C and 40°C.

Electric motor

We offer you a wide range of different electric motors, all of which meet or exceed the current standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (ErP, CE). They are built according to IEC 60072 as well as IEC 60034 and IEC 60034 and have a CE mark. The standard version includes: Three-phase motor (asynchronous) 230/400V or 400V (50 Hz frequency) or single-phase motor 230V (50Hz frequency) with a capacitor, insulation class F, protection class IP55. On request, we can supply electric motors with a different frequency (e.g. 60Hz) or voltage, a higher protection class or adapted voltage control. Other accessories include an independent cooling system, a frequency converter for infinitely variable speed control, bimetal sensors and posistor sensors.

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