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Centrifugal fan -MBA

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Centrifugal fan -MBA


The medium pressure radial fans with direct drive. The fan wheel with the blades directed to the rear, riveted from aluminium sheet, dynamically balanced according to IS01940. The housing is cast from aluminium alloy. The fan is equipped with a steel cover at the fan inlet as standard. These fans are designed for oil-free conveying of non-aggressive and non-flammable gases without impurities. Steel or stainless steel welded fan wheels are available on request.

MBA series fans are designed with LG270 motor mounting position as standard, it is possible to choose any LG motor mounting position, on request fans are manufactured with RD motor mounting position. On order, the unit can be supplied in any colour from the RAL colour palette (standard RAL 7042 – grey).


The asynchronous three-phase motor 230/400V or 400V, 50Hz or single-phase motor 230V, 50Hz with capacitor. Motors are designed according to the IEC 60072 and IEC 60034 standards, they have the CE mark. Insulation class F, protection class IP55.
On request, motors can be supplied for a different voltage and frequency, with a higher protection class, with adaptation to voltage regulation or with a frequency converter, with an independent cooling system, with sensors (bimetal or posistor sensors).

Electric motor

Compressed air conveying systems (e.g. PET production), blowing air units in drying systems (e.g. graphic machines and plastics processing), blowing air modules in combustion systems/heat treatment systems (e.g. melting furnaces), etc.

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