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Centrifugal fan-GSB

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Centrifugal fan-GSB


Fans for the transport of process-specific media and ventilation applications. This fan type is used in the following areas, among others:  

Sewage sludge drying
Industrial furnace construction
Thermal process technology
Surface technology
Ventilation technology
Environmental technology
Cleaning machines
Special machine construction
Power plant construction
Textile machinery


Direct-driven industrial centrifugal fan. Housing in reinforced steel design. Impeller with backward curved blades made of steel All surfaces painted or coated in RAL 5010 / corrosion protection class C3.


EC standard motor
Asynchronous, single-phase, 230V, 50Hz (up to 1.5 kW)
Asynchronous, three-phase, 230/400V, 50Hz (up to 3.0 kW)
Asynchronous, three-phase, 400/690V, 50Hz (from 4.0 kW)
Efficiency class IE3
Protection class IP55
Insulation class F
Designed for frequency converter operation
Motor ambient temperatures from -20°C to +40°C

Special designs

Housing positions in 45° steps
Direction of rotation available in LG (counterclockwise) and RD (clockwise)
All colours from the standard RAL colour palette
Increased corrosion protection
Housing and impeller available in different materials
Various shaft seals
Motors in special designs
Sound and heat insulation
Other special designs on request

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