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Centrifugal fan-CBM RE

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Centrifugal fan-CBM RE


CBM RE fans are used in:

in ventilation and air conditioning systems,
for cooling switch cabinets, electrical modules, machine elements,
air supply in technological processes,
for blowing air into central heating boilers, etc.
Transport of non-aggressive and non-explosive gases.


Low-pressure centrifugal double-suction fan with direct drive
Impeller with forward curved blades made of galvanised sheet steel
Casing made of galvanised sheet steel
Dynamically balanced rotor
Vibration damping brackets


Electric motor

single-phase 230V-50Hz, suitable for voltage speed control
three-phase 230 / 400V-50Hz, adapted to speed control by changing frequency and voltage
4 or 6 poles depending on model
Insulation class and protection class depending on model:
IP44, class F (models 7/7 and 7/9)
IP55, class F (models 9/7 to 12/12)
IP54, class F (models 12/12 1100) W
and 15/15 2200 W)


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